Features and Benefits

Outstanding Electrical Insulation Capability for Low- and Medium-Voltage
Our composites feature inherently good dielectric properties. Specific grades add flame resistance, arc/track resistance and high temperature resistance. This is why they are used as components in delicate electronic devices, as well as rugged parts in transformers and switchgear.
High Mechanical Strength — Yet Lightweight
Composite materials have a very high strength to weight ratio. They provide many of the structural characteristics of metal or wood, but weigh less. A broad selection of reinforcing materials, resins, and other raw materials allow us to optimize a composite design to meet customer requirements.
Flame, Smoke and Toxicity
Many of our FRP composites offer exceptional flame resistance. A wide selection of materials are available to meet class 1 fire rating standards. Certain grades of FRP composite materials generate very low smoke and smoke toxicity when exposed to fire.
Heat Resistance
Heat resistant grades of our engineered plastic composites offer property retention and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.
Abrasion and Impact Resistance
Our reinforced engineered composites can withstand the effects of abrasion and impact better than most conventional materials such as hardwood and other thermoplastic or thermoset panels.
Corrosion Resistance
These reinforced materials are ideal for use where clean and attractive surfaces are desired and corrosion resistance is required.
Ease of Fabrication
Our channels, bars, rods and shapes can be fabricated using common tools and equipment. They can be punched, drilled, milled, sawed, sanded, sheared or routed.
Cost Effective
When compared to high-pressure laminates such as epoxy, melamine, silicone or mica, our engineered composites offer an exceptional value.